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Hi, that's my web page. Head on to the menu.


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Thats just my first - I read emails there, too.


Eliphas Levy Theodoro, 2010/05/09 16:31

EN: You can comment only in this page. Please keep it simple and spam-free. Comments will appear only after I review them, so if you want to send a personal message, you can send it here. I do not read this comment area too much, so if you need something urgent, send me a gmail.

BR: Você pode deixar comentários somente nesta página. Por favor seja conciso e sem spam. Comentários só aparecerão após eu aceitá-los, então se quiser deixar um recado pessoal, pode ser aqui. Eu não leio muito essa área de comentários, então se precisar de algo urgente, me mande um gmail.

Maciel Calebe Vidal, 2010/06/05 02:36

Olá. Estou fazendo alguns testes no meu antigão Ovislink 1120ap. Instalei a versão 1.3 do Shortlinux porém, não há opção para atualizar para outro firmware. No seguinte link você ensina como atualizar utilizando wget e flw. A parte envolvendo o wget eu consegui fazer, porém os links estão quebrados e não consigo em lugar algum achar esse script “FLW”. Estou tentando desta maneira por não possuir o circuito com o max232. Poderia por favor me fornecer o script FLW? Agradeço a ajuda!

Eliphas Levy Theodoro, 2010/06/06 16:51

FLW Download:

Edit: Sobre como colocar outro firmware, você só usa o FLW se for no realap! No shortlinux o firmware é acessível pelo /dev/mtdb4, tem um script ou pode usar o DD direto.

root# ori=`md5sum imagem_nova.bin`
root# update_firmware imagem_nova.bin
root# count=`wc -c imagem_nova.bin`
root# new=`dd if=/dev/mtdb4 count=$count|md5sum -`
root# echo orig:$orig
root# echo new::$new
-- verifique o MD5! :)

Edit: Alterado md5sum, precisa checar ;)

thom b, 2011/01/11 01:21


I would like to install this with my MBPRO - Mac OS X 10.6.6, but can't seem to get it working. When I follow these steps, , it says “no configured folders found” and no index.html file is made. Here's a screenshot with my exact inputs in Mac's basic Terminal:

Thanks in advance! Thom.

Eliphas Levy Theodoro, 2011/02/04 03:32

Hi thom b.,

The wiki info is outdated, the script does not assume the current folder as the folder to be indexed anymore. You need to pass that as a parameter, or configure the INI file with the folder/folders you index on a regular basis, so it will go there and search for changes and reindex them. The INI that the script downloads is very complete and you should not have problems getting it right. After a simple config step, just run it regularly and it will index all places you want.

Hint: you do not have put the script on the public folder, put it on a folder in your home folder so you can separate the script from the files it indexes :) Hint2: I usually respond much faster on the dropbox forum thread!

Hlep me @.@, 2011/04/04 03:58

pyndexer - python script to automate indexing of public folder

i can't do it :-( in windows 7 with python 3.2

you can do clip guide?

thanks [email removed]

Eliphas Levy Theodoro, 2011/05/17 17:54

Hi “Hlep me @.@” 8-o

Just download the EXE, run it once to get the basic template and INI config; then edit the INI like in the examples in the README_FIRST or in the INI itself, then run. This is a generic script, can't do much more than solve some specific doubts :-)

And use the dropbox forum thread to get faster responses, mmkay? ^_^

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